WQ85047 (e) Wedi’i gyflwyno ar 26/04/2022

A wnaiff Llywodraeth Cymru roi'r wybodaeth ddiweddaraf am ei hystyriaeth o ymestyn hawliau datblygu a ganiateir i alluogi gwersylloedd dros dro?

Wedi'i ateb gan Y Gweinidog Newid Hinsawdd | Wedi'i ateb ar 03/05/2022

A broad range of stakeholders provided representations, both positive and negative, in response to the call for evidence set out in the consultation on proposed changes to permitted development rights. Inevitably there is a fine balance between providing greater flexibility to landowners to support the growing demand for staycations and protecting the amenity of local residents and the wider environment.

Consideration of these matters, in addition to the responses to the rest of the consultation, is ongoing. A government response will be issued later this year.