WQ84932 (e) Wedi’i gyflwyno ar 31/03/2022

Pa drafodaethau y mae Llywodraeth Cymru wedi'u cael gyda Llywodraeth y DU i annog lleihau nifer yr anifeiliaid anwes i dri fesul cerbyd yn y Bil Lles Anifeiliaid (Anifeiliaid a Gedwir)?

Wedi'i ateb gan Y Gweinidog Materion Gwledig a Gogledd Cymru, a’r Trefnydd | Wedi'i ateb ar 07/04/2022

Currently Pet Travel rules allow up to five pets to be transported per person – for example 4 people in 1 vehicle can transport up to 20 puppies into Great Britain.

Discussions have been held between Welsh, UK and Scottish Government officials on a reduction to five per vehicle to deter those who misuse the Pet Travel Scheme, whilst minimising the impact of genuine owners travelling with their pets under the pet travel rules.

This decision was made following extensive research and engagement with various stakeholders, including authorised pet checkers, carriers, animal welfare organisations and veterinary bodies.

A report from People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals (https://www.pdsa.org.uk/what-we-do/pdsa-animal-wellbeing-report/paw-report-2021)  following a national survey in May 2021, found that 7% of pet owners owned 4 or more dogs and cats. In contrast, less than 2% of pet owners have 6 or more pet cats and dogs. Therefore, to ensure we minimise the impacts on genuine pet owners, we have decided to put in place a limit of five pets per vehicle.

The limit of five pets per vehicle is also current industry practice.  Eurotunnel, which sees the greatest volume of pet movements, has capped the numbers of non-commercial animals on its services to five per vehicle.