WQ84339 (e) Wedi’i gyflwyno ar 24/01/2022

Pa dystiolaeth sydd gan y Gweinidog sy'n dangos bod pasys COVID wedi cyfyngu ar ledaeniad coronafeirws neu gynyddu'r nifer sy'n manteisio ar y brechlyn yng Nghymru?

Wedi'i ateb gan Y Gweinidog Iechyd a Gwasanaethau Cymdeithasol | Wedi'i ateb ar 03/02/2022

The Covid Pass Scheme was one of a a range of measures to mitigate the spread of Covid-19 through the community, and the associated harms that brings. The Covid Pass was introduced to help reduce – not remove – the risk spreading and catching the virus, which can lead to increased cases of hospitalisation and serious illness.

The Welsh Government has been transparent on the evidence base for its decision and has published the scientific information that has been submitted to Cabinet for consideration.

Isolating and attributing the impact of a single intervention amongst the varied and changing measures in place to reduce the risks associated with Covid and new variants is not possible.  However, we have taken a range of steps to ensure that we are able to assess the impact of the Covid Pass on the organisations where it is required to be used, including regular and frequent engagement with relevant sectors where the Covid Pass has been utilised.

We have also published the criteria for assessing the need for protections in our Coronavirus Control Plans. The most recent version – the Coronavirus control plan: autumn and winter 2021 update – was published in 8 October 2021. It is available here: https://gov.wales/coronavirus-control-plan-autumn-and-winter-2021-update

This update to the Coronavirus Control Plan sets out the basket of indicators that are used to assess the current state of the epidemic in Wales (described in Annex A).

We will of course continue to be guided by the science and the next review will take place on the 10 February.