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Pa amcangyfrif y mae Ysgrifennydd y Cabinet wedi'i wneud o nifer y cyfleoedd prentisiaeth sydd ar gael i bobl rhwng 16 a 24 oed, fesul rhanbarth?

Wedi'i ateb gan Gweinidog y Gymraeg a Dysgu Gydol Oes | Wedi'i ateb ar 24/05/2018

The latest available data suggests that 10,765 apprenticeship programmes were started by 16-24 year olds during 2016/17.  This represents 45% of all apprenticeships commencing during this year.  The breakdown by region (based on the learner’s postcode) is as follows  




North Wales


Mid Wales


South West Wales


South East Wales


Outside Wales


Source: Lifelong Learning Wales Record

The Welsh Government has recently introduced an Employer Incentive Scheme to encourage SME’s to engage with the apprenticeship programme and recruit learners aged 16-19, particularly at key transition points for learners.

 The scheme commenced in August 2017 and provisional data indicates that at least 550 additional young apprentices have been recruited.

 As a result of this incentive, we anticipate that the number of apprenticeship opportunities made available to learners aged 16-24 will increase. 

 *Please note that Welsh Government supports apprenticeships programmes where the employment of the apprentice is predominantly in Wales.