Y Pwyllgor Deddfwriaeth, Cyfiawnder a’r Cyfansoddiad

Legislation, Justice and Constitution Committee


Aelodau'r Pwyllgor a oedd yn bresennol

Committee Members in Attendance

Alun Davies AS
Huw Irranca-Davies AS Cadeirydd y Pwyllgor
Committee Chair
Peter Fox AS
Rhys ab Owen AS

Swyddogion y Senedd a oedd yn bresennol

Senedd Officials in Attendance

Claire Fiddes Dirprwy Glerc
Deputy Clerk
Gareth Howells Cynghorydd Cyfreithiol
Legal Adviser
P Gareth Williams Clerc
Sarah Sargent Ail Glerc
Second Clerk

Cofnodir y trafodion yn yr iaith y llefarwyd hwy ynddi yn y pwyllgor. Yn ogystal, cynhwysir trawsgrifiad o’r cyfieithu ar y pryd. Lle mae cyfranwyr wedi darparu cywiriadau i’w tystiolaeth, nodir y rheini yn y trawsgrifiad.

The proceedings are reported in the language in which they were spoken in the committee. In addition, a transcription of the simultaneous interpretation is included. Where contributors have supplied corrections to their evidence, these are noted in the transcript.

Cyfarfu’r pwyllgor drwy gynhadledd fideo.

Dechreuodd y cyfarfod am 13:32.

The committee met by video-conference.

The meeting began at 13:32.

1. Cyflwyniad, ymddiheuriadau, dirprwyon a datgan buddiannau
1. Introductions, apologies, substitutions and declarations of interest

Prynhawn da. Good afternoon, and welcome to today's session of the Legislation, Justice and Constitution Committee in the Senedd. We're conducting today's proceedings in a virtual setting, but all of our Standing Orders apply as normal. We have Welsh and English translation during this meeting, and we will be providing—. As well as the Senedd.tv broadcast that's going out, we'll also have the full transcript after the meeting has finished as well. So, let us get under way as per normal, with housekeeping issues. So, if we can make sure that all our devices are switched to mobile and so on. We'll go straight to the first substantive item. We have no apologies today; all of our Members are present. 

2. Offerynnau sy'n codi materion i gyflwyno adroddiad arnynt i'r Senedd o dan Reol Sefydlog 21.2 neu 21.3
2. Instruments that raise issues to be reported to the Senedd under Standing Order 21.2 or 21.3

So, we will move to item No. 2, instruments that do raise issues to be reported to the Senedd under Standing Order 21.2 or 21.3. Under this item, we only have one today. It's relatively straightforward today. We have item 2.1, SL(6)201, the Education (Revocation of Assessment Arrangements in the National Curriculum and Miscellaneous Amendments) (Wales) Regulations 2022. These regulations amend and disapply existing statutory assessments in the national curriculum for Wales, in readiness for, or as a result of, the new Curriculum for Wales roll-out. The regulations also make changes to the reporting and publication requirements placed on schools, governing bodies and local authorities. Now, I'm going to turn to Gareth because there is one merits point that has been identified for reporting. Gareth.

Diolch. These regulations revoke subordinate legislation relating to the national curriculum. It appeared that some additional pieces of subordinate legislation should also have been revoked, just to provide some extra clarity, so the Welsh Government was asked to explain its approach. The Welsh Government response was received this morning, agreeing it would have been appropriate to revoke some additional pieces of subordinate legislation, but ultimately this won't really make a difference when the new curriculum arrangements kick in.


Gareth, thank you very much for that. Are we happy to agree that reporting point? We are. Thank you very much, Gareth. 

3. Datganiadau ysgrifenedig o dan Reol Sefydlog 30C
3. Written statements under Standing Order 30C

That takes us on rapidly, then, to item No. 3, where we have written statements under Standing Order 30C. We only have the one here and it's item 3.1—written statement 30C(6)009, the Common Agricultural Policy (Cross-Compliance Exemptions and Transitional Regulation) (Amendment) (EU Exit) Regulations 2022. We've got the written statement, together with a couple of letters, one from 16 May, one from 27 April, and a commentary. The written statement notifies the Senedd that the Welsh Government has given consent for the UK Government to make the common agricultural policy et cetera regulations 2022. These regulations amend retained EU common agricultural policy legislation to ensure the effective operation of provisions concerning apiculture—beekeeping programmes—and olive oil marketing rules. So, if we're happy to note that. We are.

4. Fframweithiau cyffredin
4. Common frameworks

We will move on, then, to item No. 4. We have our updates here on this regular item on common frameworks. Again, only one item today, which is 4.1, a report by the Climate Change, Environment, and Infrastructure Committee in respect of the provisional common frameworks for air quality, chemicals and pesticides. So, we have the letter there relating to that. If we're happy to note that. We are. 

5. Cytundeb cysylltiadau rhyngsefydliadol
5. Inter-institutional relations agreement

That brings us on to item No. 5, the inter-institutional relations agreement, and, again, one item under this. Item 5.1 relates to a letter from the Minister for Rural Affairs and North Wales, and Trefnydd in respect of the Sea Fisheries (Amendment) Regulations 2022, which she informs us she has given consent to. If we're happy to note that.

6. Papurau i'w nodi
6. Papers to note

We move on to item No. 6, which is papers to note. And again, quite limited today, so we're rattling through this. One item of correspondence. It's from the House of Lords Constitution Committee to the Prime Minister Boris Johnson in respect of revision of the Cabinet Manual. So, again, if you're happy to note that. We are. And that is it for our business in public today. 

7. Cynnig o dan Reol Sefydlog 17.42 i benderfynu gwahardd y cyhoedd o weddill y cyfarfod
7. Motion under Standing Order 17.42 to resolve to exclude the public from the remainder of the meeting


bod y pwyllgor yn penderfynu gwahardd y cyhoedd o weddill y cyfarfod yn unol â Rheol Sefydlog 17.42(vi).


that the committee resolves to exclude the public from the remainder of the meeting in accordance with Standing Order 17.42(vi).

Cynigiwyd y cynnig.

Motion moved.

We then move to item No. 7, which is our regular motion, under Standing Order 17.42, to resolve to exclude the public from the remainder of the meeting. Colleagues, are we happy to do so? We are. There we are. I'll ask my clerking team to take us into private session, please.

Derbyniwyd y cynnig.

Daeth rhan gyhoeddus y cyfarfod i ben am 13:38.

Motion agreed.

The public part of the meeting ended at 13:38.